Dog Therapy, 2 pats/ph

Originally bred to hunt, haul sledges, and herd reindeer, you may be mistaken for thinking our friendly Receptionist is, in fact, a polar bear. However, Nala’s friendly, gentle, and devoted nature gives the game away. She’s a Samoyed and, although caught napping on the job multiple times a day, we would be lost without her!

Nose bopping her way to the top…

As a working breed, Samoyeds can be strong-willed at times, but above all they remain friendly, gentle, and devoted family dogs. They’re affectionate with almost everyone, so long as new people don’t mind some shedding and stray hairs on their clothes.

Nala has been in the salon industry for 3 years. Never failing to show up to work with the biggest amount of excitement and enthusiasm for the day to start. Nala is very paws on with every client who comes in the door which enables her to enjoy her biggest passion in the salon environment; her reception duties. She always welcomes clients in with the biggest smile and a wagging tail. Her favourite clients to welcome in are children and babies, she always makes a beeline for their acceptance first.

Nala has taken it upon her self to extend her role to dog therapy too. While Bespoke’s clients are being left to relax with their colours on, Nala is always the first to make sure all clients in the salon are entering ultimate relaxation mode by giving a determined nudge of the nose.

Her understanding on dog therapy has been completely self taught and rarely steps over the line. Nala is respectful that not everyone wants to receive her dog therapy so once she has greeted each client, she carefully determines who wants more affection and who wants none. Nala strongly believes that no Bespoke experience is complete with out a nose bop!

Nala’s Therapy List

  • Nose Bop: Complimentary
  • Slobber & Shine: 1 armpit tickle
  • Cuddle while you colour: 2 back scratches
  • Picture Pose: Double paw massage

Want to book with Nala?

We’re sorry, Nala is busy napping right now and not taking new bookings. You can book with our Stylist Savannah or our Style Director Lana using the details below.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place in respect of our staff and clients. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, a 50% fee will be charged.

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