Our Story

Our story is Lana’s story. A story of courage, commitment, and passion.

Lana enjoys the finer things in life – lapping up luxury. She realised from the very beginning that customer service is everything and she wanted it to be perfect for the people all around her….

Becoming a Mum at 17, Lana felt judged and very aware that we live in a world where everything doesn’t always fit into the neat boxes that we’d like it to. She started to build herself a more positive environment – only letting in the good, upbeat and affirmative. But there was one big question looming ahead of her on her path; what really made her smile? What did Lana need around her to be the best that she could be?

She quickly realised that the answer would be different for everyone but the fundamentals were always the same;

a safe, caring place where people would listen.

With Lana’s drive and ambition, she was determined to create this – not only for her, but for everyone around her.

In 2012, Lana began working in a sweet, small village salon in sleepy Sussex. Single-handedly raising her 2 year old son and working full time, Lana also completed her level 3 in hair dressing at a local college. The knowledge she gained spurred her on.

The small village salon was beautiful – a place to relax and be pampered. Customers would pop in just to say good morning or have a natter on their way home. It became apparent to Lana that the salon was a place that people felt safe.

A place where lonely became connected, where sad became happy.


It wasn’t long before Lana had the chance to shine.

In 2014, an opportunity came up to purchase the salon. Lana jumped. The first year was spent adapting to her new role as a salon owner but Lana didn’t need long. She had big dreams. She dreamt of a 5 star salon, of a service ethos where the guest experience was just as important as the hair cut.

With an instantly welcoming feel, each client was greeted with a friendly conversation while having their consultation. Each client received a bespoke service making nothing a ‘standard’ appointment again.


In 2015, Bespoke Hair Lounge was born.


to convey the tailored experience.



to demonstrate the warm, welcoming feel.

With an extremely busy working day, Bespoke Hair Lounge quickly outgrew the space it was in. Appointments were booked up 8 weeks in advance and Lana wasn’t able to expand in the current premises.

Her hunt for a new home for Bespoke began.


Less than a year later, Lana moved Bespoke Hair Lounge to the perfect location. A street away from the beach, along the main stretch to the town centre and with 3 car parks a short walk away, Lana had rehomed Bespoke in Worthing. The new salon even had a bus stop right outside which would take customers directly to and from the old village shop.

The new Worthing salon was arranged in 3 areas, one to greet, one tucked away for friendly conversations in private, and one to relax in peace. It would make dreams come true. It had something for everyone and was set up for everything that Lana had wanted for her clients – a safe, caring place where they would be listened to.

It wasn’t long until the reviews were in. Bespoke Hair Lounge was recognised as a 5 star salon and awarded its first 

‘Certificate of Excellence’.


Being forced to down tools and unable to see or interact with clients was something that no one could have expected. It made time for Lana to really focus on her work life balance. Having given so much time creating the very best experience for everyone who walks through the doors at Bespoke, Lana realised it was now time to readjust her focus. Her family were to get a little more of their time with her back.

Maintaining our well-being and happiness

in the ever more challenging world that we live in was the whole reason that Bespoke Hair Lounge was born. Being listened to, not being judged and allowing you to be you are what underpins Bespoke Hair Lounge.


Our Promise

is to forever evolve our salon experience.

Lana believes that ‘to look good is to feel good’ and Bespoke Hair Lounge is the space where we are making this happen.

“To look good is to feel good”

Lana Paternoster